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Taurus Magic Horoscope for 16th July

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Enjoy the star atmosphere more than usual to tell your partner about your obsessions, background projects, your inner desires.

Today you'll be able to deal with all those complicated issues you don't know how to tackle, such as having kids or not, moving together or whatever's looming around your mind.

Forget about their usual barriers and you'll see your partner's delighted about your trust in them.

The stars will encourage love all around and your emotional concerns will soon fade away.


The stars foresee there's some sort of injustice for you directly or indirectly related to money (something going on at work, with your mortgage...).

Sharpen your claws, because you're in for a real struggle to clear off the lack of agreement, and to compensate and justify everything.

The stars will encourage you to be courageous and to persevere, which you can also do when looking for some new career goals (or a new job, if you're unemployed).

Taureans, don't take out importance from that upcoming job; your success at that will depend on how persistent you are.

And watch your language, because you could say the wrong thing in front of powerful, influential people, and block your own paths unwillingly. Be careful, alright?


Excessive training can be as harmful as not moving around enough; the Magic Horoscope wants to make this really clear, because your health could suffer for it without being able to turn back.

On the other hand, you think you should be bolder in your daily life, right, Taureans? Even if it's something as simple as talking to strangers or leaving the house more often.

To help you do it, try eating some sour, bitter foods, because they are believed to help people have a bolder behaviour. This is due to their effect on the brain, according to recent studies.