Taurus Daily Horoscope
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You start the day off on a grey note, but soon you'll notice your love, the skies, every smile... everything is taking a colourful turn.

Your ruling planet, Venus, gives you its colour palette to help you escape the darkness you've sunk into without really knowing why.

What's more, today you'll have more chances of happiness. Enjoy it!

If you're married, the atmosphere around your relationship will be nice, sensual and affectionate.

If you live on your own, Venus will offer some extra moves for a serious, long-term romance; although it won't do the whole job for you. You'll have to make smart moves and play the seduction game right.


You need some calmness but won't find it. You'll get quite impatient about solving your financial issues.

What will happen? If you want to rush it too much, you're running the risk of making serious mistakes, or even turning the ones you've made into something even more serious.

The sensible choice would be to cut back on expenses and try to make some more money using your talents.

What's your greatest asset? Are you handy at home repairs? Especially talented for arts and crafts? Or do your speech skills make you the perfect private tutor?

There's definitely something that can help you earn some extra money!


You may notice your behaviour has become impulsive today and you'll act unstoppably crazy.

The Magic Horoscope encourages you to avoid making decisions you could quickly regret, because you won't be able to turn back and you'll have to find solutions to problems you didn't have.

Except for that, and thanks to Mercury's charming influence, your mood will be happy and gleeful. As a result, everyone will be willing to joining the plans you propose.

You'll attract niceness, invitations and favours you can use wisely to make your future more prosper.