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Taurus Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Monday 30th July

Magic Horoscope for Today, Monday
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Careful with routine, Taureans! Stars in the Magic Horoscope scream this out loud.

Those Taureans in long-term relationships should pay close attention to this, because today they'll feel time's wearing them thin.

Thus, you'll need to use a lot of imagination to break off with your routine and get back to the excitement of the first days, when you were riding an emotional roller coaster that made you slowly get to know the other person.

This doesn't mean that the newest couples will swim in a sea of happiness; the dark clouds will affect all Taureans in the same way.

If you're single, Taureans, perhaps you lose a bit of faith when realising that your incoming chances aren't as fresh and juicy as they looked.


It's never too soon to plan trips and leisure destinations if you manage to save money, right, Taureans?

Use a part of your day to look for options browsing through the best offers for rentals or hotels in expectancy of those holidays you want to take in a few months, and for which you only the destination.

With patience and skills you'll find highly attractive prices, and you should make a reservation soon, but... do you have enough money in the bank?

In other news, Uranus will advise you to be extremely careful with your expenses, and it's completely out of the question for you to ask for a long-term loan.

You need to use star signals to understand that it's easy to fall into debt, and even easier to spend; and that splashing the cash is extremely painful and demoralising.


The Magic Horoscope will subject you to a tough, certain influence, which might make you feel tired even after a good night's sleep.

It's probably temporary, but if it's still going on, ask for a blood test to make up for any iron or magnesium deficiencies.

Watch out for falls and slips; and be very careful when squatting down.