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Fate has brought out its scissors to cut your emotional bonds to someone, and it will be the best for both of you.

They may have been your partner for years, a friend who came recently into your life or even a relative, but what the Magic Horoscope wants to make clear is that it'll be the best for both, Taureans.

Since love won't be at its best today, try not to commit more than you should, and try not to make too honest love serenades, unless you want to feel the pain.

In fact, even if you don't have any problems with your partner today, you'll feel some coldness around your relationship.


As the week starts you're in for a financially lucky period, where your skills and critical thinking will allow you to act much more profitably (and sustainably as well) than usual.

Taureans' finances will be stronger and you'll be skilled enough to make your earnings profitable and give you interesting benefits in a short while.

The planets' arrangement predict your creativity will be boosted, which will allow you to deal with the boldest, hardest projects, and you'll finish them against all odds.

You've got an important need to satisfy, and in principle you'll be asked to pay quite a lot to find it a solution.

Ask for second opinions, keep looking, haggle as much as you want, and you'll see you can save quite an interesting amount of money.


Monday isn't the best day to stay up late, especially if you work the next, but you need to think about how to break your routine.

You can feel your life's a spiral of constant shopping, TV nights on the couch with a blanket on, and the same old stories at work every single day.

Do something to break that routine before it takes a toll on your mental energy! Take out the phone and start making plans for next weekend.