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Taurus Astral Horoscope for Monday 11th June by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Monday
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A new week brings new emotions, right, Taureans?

Each Monday is a new adventure for you, and you leave behind what's happened in the last few days, ready to be surprised and overcome yourselves.

An elder whom you love dearly (a relative, or something of the sort) keeps you worried about their health because of their age, and you don't know how to act.

Just to be sure, first you should find some time to visit them, show them your love, and let them know you'll always be around. They'll be deeply grateful.

Taureans planning a date with someone who brings butterflies into their bellies should just go for it! The Magic Horoscope predicts nothing will go wrong.


Watch your belongings closely, because someone whom you've started dealing with as of lately isn't trustworthy.

In fact, the universe signals you could be a theft victim, for things that apparently have no special value or meaning, but are still yours anyway.

Try to have phone coverage during the morning, because you'll get a call of interest for your professional and financial future.

A small improvement in your job conditions that will mean more work, but also more money and stability for your account.


There's health issues that can only be solved by going to the doctor and accepting costly treatments, such as those for your teeth, for instance.

Perhaps paying a great sum of money in one go for your health is risky, and you'd rather postpone it almost indefinitely.

But you should think that the longer you put it off, the worse your ailment can get, and the more painful the treatment may be later.

You shouldn't play around with your health, that's what you should overthink the least about before you open your wallet. There's probably a hundred small expenses you could cut back on to get the money you need.