Taurus Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Monday 12th March

Magic Horoscope for Today, Monday
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You don't tell your partner how you feel inside because you're afraid of confrontation, and you choose to take the unhealthy path of resignation.

You're afraid of social challenges, and when you think of break-ups or any other emotional challenges you're swept away by social embarrassment and anxiety.

Having to tell people that your life has changed makes you nervous, and that's why you'd rather keep it all in.

Taureans, you should stop acting that way. These emotions can spread out into your relationships with others, and you're not even being honest to yourself. If there's a problem, speak out loud.


Extra expenses are coming up. Stars in the Magic Horoscope can see a void that will have to be covered up quickly and you'll have to use part of your savings.

Squeeze your finances if you need to, but don't delay your payments or interest will grow much worse.

If you've got time, start looking for the papers you need to hand in for this year's tax declaration, to avoid rushing on.

Try not being so shady at work.

You're usually able to share your happiness and bliss with everyone else.

You've got the gift of taking the positive, vital and enthusiastic side of your workmates, so this Monday shouldn't be an exception.


You use your car a lot, and this implies spending too much, and adding up to make the problem of environment pollution much worse.

Rummage through your attic, talk to your friends or look around in a second-hand store or app. But starting to ride a bike will bring you great benefits.

If you've got little time to take care of yourself, using it as a transport method allows you to do exercise while getting to your destination.

It will tone up your muscles, help you to burn calories and help you with that extreme makeover you've been putting off for days.

Riding a bike may not be the best way to go to work, but at least take it for a spin once or twice a week.