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Taurus Magic Horoscope Prediction from the Stars for this Coming Monday

Find out Your Taurus Horoscope for Today, 19th March
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You're using social networks to create a friendly bond with someone outside your town. You chat often and you're kind of attracted, although you might initially say they're not your type.

Be careful with these games, because you could be swept away by someone you haven't even met, and who may have a partner they haven't mentioned.

You haven't said anything to your partner either in case you have one.

Watch your step, and if you're organising a trip to meet up, be sure that the world as you know it can turn upside down and never turn back.

If a friend calls you today and you can't take the phone, remember to call them back, because they need you.


I have such little money after all my work and barely complain about it! Is that your daily or nightly mantra, Taureans?

To others, you look like a person who constantly complains about their finances, when you're actually not that bad even if you're not up to your neck in riches.

Sure, you've had to squeeze your wallet more than once, and you're not on top of the world, but don't mention what isn't there.

If you forget about yourself and turn around you'll see you have more than many people around you, and you don't see them complain or being unhappy.

Others are in a much better status, but you don't have to reflect yourself on them.

You've learned from other times to avoid wasting too much money when times are hard, and the last months haven't been that hard. Let yourself feel a bit calmer.


Your mind needs small breaks.

You've stuck into your head all your problems and they're hanging around all day, and they can blow your mind if you're not careful.

Stop down to think about your duties today.