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Full Taurus Magic Horoscope for Monday, 21 May

Full Forecast for Today, Monday
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



A shade of fantasy and excitement is looming over your head today, and your mind will be on the clouds.

Use that star energy to reach your goals in love, especially if you're getting to know someone.

Your sensitivity this Monday may be easy to influence, so avoid toxic people who want to keep you stuck to the ground; daydreaming won't hurt for one day.

Dating Taureans will also feel very confident about their feelings and send those good vibes to their loved ones.

Within the family, worry about a Libra who has some deep financial issues and see what you can do to help.


Don't judge someone who did business with you in the past, from whom you're feeling distant because of negative rumours from outer sources.

Give them the benefit of doubt, because reality can become distorted from word of mouth very easily, and perhaps it isn't true.

A call or e-mail will announce changes in the way you receive income, so it wouldn't be too far off to foresee how you'll act when those changes occur.

Engineering Taureans should be careful and not lose focus while giving their service, because they'll be a bit absent-minded.


Modern-day life makes everything easier for us, but it's also got a dark side, and it can influence our health more often than not.

If you spend long hours on the computer, force yourself to get up every couple of hours and take a short walk to avoid your legs from feeling the pain.

Besides, take those chances to stretch and allow your back to release some of your accumulated tension.

You should also consider swapping your office chair with a Pilates ball, which will allow you to keep good posture and do exercise before you know it.

It may seem crazy, but you'll soon see the results, and it'll help you get rid of certain pains that you go through sometimes.