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Magic Horoscope Reveals How This Coming Monday Is Going to Be for Taurus

Your Full Horoscope for Today, Monday 7th May
Taurus Daily Horoscope |



For a long time you've had an awfully terrible experience in love. You were in a toxic relationship that had annihilated you, Taureans.

You ended up believing you weren't worth it, and that you had to drag yourself around and sacrifice for people to love you by making up a persona. That no one would love your true selves.

Years have gone by, but you're still carrying around part of your baggage, because you haven't gotten completely rid of it. You thought love was supposed to hurt, that you were supposed to suffer.

Today you'll see that isn't true. People love you for who you are, with no double personalities or masks. And your partner, if you're dating, loves you for who you are and not for who you could become.

Love doesn't need to leave a mark to make it more authentic.


Do you have all your paperwork related to your work training at hand? You should.

According to the stars in the Magic Horoscope, today you'll be requested to show papers that prove the academic qualifications that are directly connected to your position.

Since you're honest, you haven't boosted your CV with degrees or master's courses you haven't taken (right?), so it won't be any problem to justify everything.

Your finances won't be damaged at the start of the week, other than with the expenses you had already planned.


Flirting makes your health feel the pain, Taureans. Go on, tell the truth, where are you going wrong today?

Wearing the shoes you love but which squeeze your feet? Would you rather not wear glasses even if that means you can't see and you get headaches?

You should think that your body comes first.

It's healthy to look good, and it can even help your self-esteem, but you can't battle against your own body. Be more sensible, because this could mean trouble in the long run if you let go so much.