Taurus Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Saturday 21st April

Magic Horoscope for Today, Saturday
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You don't usually agree with your partner no matter how right they are, Taureans.

You're stubborn and don't like giving in, and you think you're always absolutely, undeniably right.

You never say yes to any of your partner's ideas, you always need to have the final word. When you don't say no straight away, you always say yes with a but right behind it.

Take it down a notch. You're hurting their self-esteem deeply, something you'll come to see today, according to the stars' predictions.

With these rude manners you make your partner feel useless, and they can fall victim to serious psychological issues if you don't stop it.

Isn't it better to try to make conversations useful instead of opposing to everything, even if you think you're right?


This Saturday you have an event where you need to give someone a present, and you're doubtful about what to choose.

Check what their likes and concerns are, and also their personal finances.

If they're well-off with all the commodities they can get, you won't need to go very far, so your budget will be just fine.

Try checking different stores until you find the item that fits your idea the best in terms of quality and price, and you'll look great in the end.


This Saturday the Magic Horoscope recommends you to dress in blue, a colour that will empower you. You could perhaps wear some classic denim, the strongest, most resistant fabric out there.

Blue will give you good vibrations, and it is linked to togetherness, unity, friendship, brotherhood and loyalty, which are your personal top values in everyday life.

Your neck could be troublesome today, so try not to make sudden moves, and don't engage in activities where you might force it.

To ease the pain, correct your posture when sitting and walking.