Taurus Magic Horoscope for 7th April

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Some dirty laundry will give you headaches in love today, Taureans. Things you and your partner did will come under the spotlight.

Keep your head cool and try to understand why things went this way, but don't try to find culprits, because there's none. Or maybe there are, but remember to take your responsibilities.

Your pride will make you unable to apply the reasoning you're imposing on yourself towards the other person, which will be a tough obstacle for your relationship.

Even if you tried, you won't feel the romance you'd want to, and you'll have to work hard to save your romance. That doesn't mean you don't think your partner's the most important person in the world.


This is a perfect day for online shopping, right, Taureans? You'll turn on your computer or smartphone and start shopping online, because in many cases there's interesting prices around.

Aside from thinking about what you really need, the gifts you want to give beyond your budget and other issues, watch out for where items come from.

According to the stars, today you might lose money from illegal purchases that never get sent to you.

Be very careful because it takes you a lot of work to make money, and you shouldn't splash the cash away, right?


A health issue with not too much of an impact on your body will force you to take new medications, apparently harmless.

Talk to your doctor about this, because they could have unwanted side effects on you. Make sure they don't have components to which you're allergic, and check the section on side effects.

You could especially go through headaches stemming from these unexpected side effects.

If you can, dress in red clothes today to stimulate action, boost creativity and feel empowered.