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Although your personal and love life is full of love, the Magic Horoscope gives glimpses of problems with people in your heart; more specifically, your eldest relatives.

You'll have to juggle to combine your family duties, career tasks and making sure your partner isn't neglected to avoid making them feel like nothing.

Do you really think you need to demand responsibility from certain individuals because you think they're slacking off and overloading you with tasks? Don't hesitate to raise your voice.

It's not fair for you to have the feeling you're the one pulling all the weight and to have everyone else enjoy increased individualities.


Today's a perfect day to consider new investment methods or to think about solving a contentious case.

To do that, you can find a key in the circumstances of people around you which could lead you through the right track.

According to Mercury's influences over your sign, it seems like this Saturday you'll be able to balance your budget and perhaps even recover from poverty if you're having a really rough time.

There's also high chances of getting some money back, which can come from a debt to be sorted out, or because a company gives you back some money charged on you by mistake.


Thanks to Venus' support, this time you'll have quite a special vitality, and you'll need it to bring everything forward, Taureans.

That weekend of peace and rest you wanted won't be any good, no matter how hard you try.

According to the Magic Horoscope, perhaps you'll even enjoy a more optimistic, bold point of view than your sign features, which could be said to stem from underlying anxiety.

Be consistent with your actions, because no one will protect you from what you do yourselves; it could be said that if you jump into a well today, the stars won't have a safety mattress at the ready by the time you land.