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Stars are coming your way, Taurus, in the middle of your search for love.

No matter how much you feel you'll have a successful weekend, where you hope to find a great love, it's sad to say that it won't be the case.

This weekend will be quite a rough time to find your soulmate, because Valentine's Day is more than past, and Cupid's working somewhere else.

Take this chance to love yourself more, accept all your flaws and virtues, and you should especially think about forgiving your recent mistakes.

That's your only hope of finding your place in love. And don't even think about trying to rekindle old relationships; the past is the past. Look forward.


If work allows it, you'll go into the streets and you won't be able to avoid coming into more than one store.

The temptation of spending money may even make you feel nervous and fill your basket to the brim in the blink of an eye.

Listen to your wisdom: if you didn't need it before you saw it, you don't need it at all. How much need and how much whim is there in each of those items?

Take time to analyze your true motivation when shopping, and if you see that you get anxious because you're not shopping, you should be seriously worried.


Certain past health issues have made you change your daily habits little by little.

Most of those issues weren't too serious for your health, but you were afraid of pushing it too hard, so you embraced a new lifestyle.

This weekend you'll come to see how the work you're doing has consequences, and it will progress to great lengths, making you feel very satisfied.

What's left of February will bring along some good news on your physical status. How long has it been since you felt like this?

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