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When you wake up you'll be feeling strange. As if the flame of love had been swept away by a gust of air.

This Saturday you'll have to fight to reignite the flame for magic to come back and love to enlighten your life again.

Your love for one another can make everything grow back stronger than ever before.

If you're on a break take this chance to do things together, so that you become strong enough.

You'll have to learn that love needs attention every day. Any candle can burn, but it can be blown away if you don't watch the fire.

Call your friends more, because as time goes by you won't have heard from them in months.


Stop your spending, because even the stars are shocked.

Spend less and save more, and quit the usual age or work excuses.

Besides, if you're young, why don't you think about how much your dreams are worth, and see if you spend less?

Set yourself date goals to buy a house, start up a business or calculating the cost of bringing up a family, which is something people don't usually think of with a calculator at hand.

At work there's some stability coming up for now, although certain problems with workmates and communication issues will still remain open.


Your physical health may not be at its best, especially due to some joint pain.

Stars in the Magic Horoscope point out that, even so, your mood will be the worst of all, and you'll be going through deep depressive bouts.

Certain external circumstances affect you, they make your immune system grow weaker and you end up with a clouded mind.

Don't let it beat you. No matter how weak you're feeling, don't think that energy can fly away from you.

That's false, and your struggle will be proof of your inner strengths.