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Taurus Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 14th July

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Your niceness could get mistaken for other emotions and feelings, Taureans.

As you usually do in the right mood, today you'll have a big smile on, and offer it to anyone coming your way.

That niceness could easily get misunderstood; someone could think you're trying to woo them, or it could be perceived as non-existing flirting.

You do know that other people's opinions should come in through one ear and out the other, because you know who you are.

Someone with light-coloured eyes has an important message for you; a piece of information where love is the main component.


What is that neglected pursuit of yours which you're embarrassed to share?

Life's too short for setting your own barriers and obstacles; let your hair down right now, Taureans.

In fact, keep your eyes wide open because today you'll get (either physically or even through your inbox) some sort of training on the profession you like so much.

Exploit that side of yourselves freely, because you'll make money by doing something that makes you happy.

In other news, the Magic Horoscope sends an urgent warning: be careful, because you'll be invaded by a tremendous feeling of spending money!

You'll be ready for everything: a makeover, changing up your home, getting new clothes... And you won't be able to do it all at once.


Today you may feel more tired than usual, and you'll even decline joining in some plans.

If you're prone to gaining weight, today's the right day to start dieting, because Saturn will be there to back you up.

Who says that diets need to start on Mondays? Why not on a weekend? You're going to have to make the effort anyway, so who cares?

Be optimistic about your problems; show yourselves you can be a day-to-day superhero, like handling the temptation of overeating.