Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Someone seems to have called upon the dead, because someone you thought had fallen into oblivion is roaming around your life once more.

You thought that story was over, that time had healed everything, and that you weren't even feeling resentful.

Now you've realised that even though it shattered, your heart continued to beat for that person, who wasn't in your life that long in the first place.

With a cool enough head you'll come to admit that that relationship was more imagination than reality.

It doesn't make much sense either to try to be friends at this point, which doesn't mean you shouldn't be polite and keep composure if you ever bump into each other.

After a bit of a clash you'll find that it's not that big a deal after the first impression has faded, and you pretty much don't care.

If you're thinking about bringing new members into your family, stars are aligned to give you top fertility today.


You've started adding up all your commitments for this year, and you feel a lump starting to form in your throat.

With upcoming weddings, communions, holidays and other projects you'll have to squeeze it in quite a lot, and you were having a nice time so far.

If you need to decline an invitation, you should do it now, so that the people involved can make some rearrangements in their events.


If your inner self needs to release weight off your shoulders and share mistakes from the past, now's the time to do it.

You've gotten used to not say anything about your small personal tragedies, those that everyone goes through during the week.

You're very demanding to yourself, you force yourself to set up a metal armour that makes you look invincible.

You can't realise it just yet, but you're making a big mistake. Your lack of emotion gets you isolated from everyone else; they don't feel like telling you about their lives because they feel you only listen and never share.

If you need to fight your inner bitterness you should do it right now, don't let it slide any longer.