Taurus Daily Horoscope
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Many times you complain about your lack of drive in certain life situations.

You'd like to do something, but you're the one stepping on the brakes saying you should go slower, or that you're better off not doing anything.

You don't usually jump right in, not even in love, and not because you expect to analyse the situation and see what's best for you. It's because you're very afraid, and that's different to your usual personality.

If you need to take a step, go ahead and don't wait for someone else to do it. Be a bit braver, prove you've got what it takes and stop pretending.

Besides, you'll look better if you're the one sending the message of what's going on in your heart.


Work grinds your gears, Taureans.

You're not doing anything wrong, but there's many quality controls and financial analyses and you think that some mistakes made out of clumsiness will be found out.

Calm down a little, because it's all good and your health will be turned upside down because of the tension.

If you've got time, bring some order to your belongings and you'll find some money you didn't remember you had kept away in a coat, a pair of pants, a wallet or a bag.


Excessive work and family problems keep you slightly altered, even right out of bed.

You need to breathe in and out surrounded by nature, away from your usual habitat, somewhere to fill your lungs with fresh air and rekindle with yourself.

If you can afford it, drive to a nearby clearing or woods which aren't very travelled to stay in contact with nature.

Think how to change your mindset to avoid obsessing every day, and propose yourself to fulfill the goals you set up for the incoming week.