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Taurus Astral Horoscope for Saturday 3rd March by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Saturday
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You've got problems with your partner which you're well aware of. But you can't afford to have it go too far and lose your temper at the slightest chance. That's not the way to go.

Get off those vengeful thoughts from your head, even if that revenge is healthy. If you fix it, turn it into a question round. It can be a very stimulating experience.

Through social networks, you'll witness injustice against one of your closest friends, because of issues related to their most personal intimacy.

Don't doubt that it's time to defend your friend, and if you need it, raise your battle axe and start battling anyone who opposes you.

Everything becomes bigger on the Net, and you know how to find the difference between real life and the virtual world, but not everyone's the same. Your friend will thank you.


Your excellence at work is calling the attention of rival companies.

Get ready because proposals are coming, although unfortunately not all of them will be interesting.

Don't let this blind you, because there will be people willing to trick you with lies just to keep your talented self among their ranks.

You're not doing too bad, and you've even improved. Appreciate all the rewards that your hard work has brought about.

If you're Taureans in sales, your gift will also bring you some extra income today.


You've been looking inside for the balance and harmony you've been missing. This weekend you'll have some help from the stars to bring your life into balance.

Don't let anyone disturb the calmness you're gradually finding in your times of personal reflection.

If you don't, your meanest side will come out and you'll bring nothing but headaches to everyone around you. In the end, you'll feel uncomfortable because you've hurt everyone.

Don't fall into excess now that you were finding peace.