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Taurus Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Sunday 1st April

Magic Horoscope for Today, Sunday
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Today your relationship will hit crisis point according to the stars, and you'll have to solve this on your own, Taureans.

Without reaching breaking point, separation (or even divorce) you need to see what the problem is and share it openly.

There's issues that can be fixed, although others may be beyond a solution, because after such a long while there's behaviours that can't be changed.

Don't let yourself lose control, because anxiety could ruin everything when there's still hope.

Analyse if what you really need is to take a break or even miss each other. Don't pressure yourselves into finding an immediate, radical solution.


Your professional skills are helping you to make your own brand to get your work acknowledged and make it stand out. Congratulations!

Take a break this Sunday, because you're in for a moody Monday at work.

Let yourself enjoy some freedom, go out for lunch or do whatever you want if your money and future income are on your favour.

You'll bump into someone to whom you lent some money or a valuable object they never gave back.

Even if it's awkward to remind them of it, bring it up so that you get back what was yours. What's the point of being ashamed?


This Sunday allows you to be kind of free, and that's why it would be good if you did a big load of laundry for the sake of your health.

Needless to say, our home should be germ-free, and you need a deep cleanse at least once a week.

This is essential both for your physical and mental health.

You should especially remember to change the bedding once a week, because your skin and hair leave a minor trace of skin oils which may give you pimples, skin swelling and rashes.