Taurus Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Sunday 22nd April by Magic Horoscope

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Every couple has their times of connection and isolation, Taureans. As time goes by, none of them lives their love story, no matter whether long or short, with the same intensity and attitudes from day 1.

You think that the eternal flame of your relationship is fading off and you don't know what to do, because you're partially feeling awkward inside.

This Sunday, stars in the Magic Horoscope encourage you to find more attraction, and therefore, more self-esteem that can be transferred into an increase of your sexual desire.


Your personal finances will be steady on this end of the week, with no money having to escape anywhere from your wallet, nor any money which might enter it like a gift from heaven.

But you should take this chance to organise your budget for the next few days; you may have to do some paperwork to pay off for certain bills and services.

Make sure there's enough funds in your accounts, so that the bank doesn't turn down your receipts because there's no money.

If you can, plan to do some savings.


Today was a tough murky day for you, and you're longing to find consolation and feel okay.

Don't fall prey to old harmful addictions like smoking to calm down the anxiety disturbing your peaceful selves, Taureans. Be brave, stay composed and be persistent.

Your brain's looking for a stimulus, a comforting reward, but don't pick up any harmful habits, which give you the false sensation of doing wonders for you.

The best you can do is have a nice bath with some rosemary, fresh mint and elder.

Boil all these herbs, let them sit and then, once strained, pour the brew into the tub, mixing it well with the water.

This will feel very pleasant, and it will be very beneficial for your lungs and blood flow.