Taurus Forecast for Sunday 29th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Sunday
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You'll be caught red-handed, Taureans, so start looking for justifications and excuses.

Be honest, you're lying to people around you, including your partner, because you've been chatting to people who were supposed to be out of your life.

That lack of honesty will take center stage today, and it will bring along a fight that can become fatal if you don't take your part of the blame.

There's no point using the privacy excuse; what you did is be unfaithful. Period. Don't make up a fancy fairytale.

Besides, from the first moment you knew you weren't doing right, and if you were courageous enough to do it, now you should admit it openly.


Stars in the Magic Horoscope point out that money won't be much better, Taureans.

Today you'll be the victim of an accident which will inevitably bring you to splash the cash, and it may be related to new technologies.

Fortunately, you're sensible and cautious, and you've got an emergency fund; otherwise, things would get much worse.

Because of this expense, maybe it's time to contact that friend you gave money to a few weeks ago, and who hasn't returned it, even after promising he'd be back with the money in a bit.


Love and money will make your Sunday complicated. At least, as far as health is concerned, you'll get an energy flow from the stars to stay strong.

That doesn't mean you won't worry about things, and you may even feel some pressure on your head, but it won't be serious.

Just to keep it safe, watch out when you handle sharp or cutting objects like knives, saws, needles and similar items, because it's very likely that you'll suffer a minor accident with them.

As the new week draws nearer, start setting some goals to lead a healthier, more physical life.