Taurus Magic Horoscope Prediction from the Stars for this Coming Sunday

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Love can't be measured or weight, you can't put a number on it. And you, Taureans, do so.

You jot down every circumstance, every event in your partner's life. How long they're outside, how many times they made lunch this week, how many times they check their phone during the day.

You'll only bring serious conflict because you like to keep track of that control, and which is getting increasingly uncomfortable for your partner.

It's Sunday, the week is over and you've got time together; why don't you invest it into something more beautiful and empowering for your romance?

Pay attention to your children especially with studies or work, because they have a problem that they haven't told you about yet.


You don't usually think about tomorrow. You spend money happily as if your account got reset just as happily, and that's a mistake, Taureans.

You need to be more careful with your numbers, spend less and allow more cooldown time for your account.

Cancel the cards of the stores where you shop on credit, cancel your membership on unused services and learn to shop and spend differently.

Because today something will force you to add your numbers, and you'll regret not having saved as much as you could have.


It's not too much of a problem to locate emergency pharmacies around you this Sunday, because stars point out there's some medicine you'll need, whether it is a cream or healthcare product.

Do you have a urine test tomorrow and don't have any jars where to put in your samples? Or perhaps hemorrhoids are back again like they used to and you'll need some cream to ease the pain?

Also, control your human relationships, especially with family. There's some strong arguments coming that will harm your health, possibly your blood pressure.