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Taurus Magic Horoscope for 5th August

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You'll keep dragging around family issues that have left you sleepless for a few nights, but little by little things seem to be coming back to normal; or at least you've found a way to deal with everything.

Focusing on your feelings, Taureans, you have to rejoice; the universe unfolds itself to you in the form of love.

So far, the Moon had just made your love life harder and reduced your chances of meeting someone, but now there's room for happiness.

This time, that planet has a beneficial impact on you, and now you're getting it's best side, offering you a happier life with your partner, or if you're on your own, a new and perfect relationship.


You'll be so motivated to make lots of money this Sunday that, instead of being discouraged by adversity, it'll boost you up.

You've chosen to be unstoppable, to reach your goals and step on anyone's shoulders if needed to reach your final destination.

But watch out, there'll be rivals and other obstacles, and you'll have to sort traps and barriers to win.

Today you'll find that inner energy and drive of yours and will be able to take down mountains if they get on your path.

The moon's phase influencing your love life will also bring the start of a new financial cycle; use it to bring the best of luck to the rest of your life.


According to the Magic Horoscope, your week ends with Pluto's support. It'll offer a rebirth feeling for your drive, energy and optimism.

Have you been going through physical issues lately? If that's a yes, you need to know Pluto will help you recover.

Its influence will especially bring consequences for your body's natural defenses, which will be strengthened by a stimulating star climate.

To fight stress, the one that comes through an itch or jaw cracks, the universe brings a solution: doing lots of exercise, preferibly out in the open, and taking in a good life philosophy.

You need to absorb and follow whatever principle you take as if they were enforced by law.