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Read Your Taurus Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Sunday 18th February

Find out Your Forecast for Today, Sunday 18th February
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For this Sunday, the Magic Horoscope predicts that our Taurus friends will use their skills and strengths to make their partner happy.

You'll try hard to prove them how much it means for you that they're in your life, setting goals with that person into a future you'll be fighting for together.

You need new challenges, and you have more than enough chemistry to reach for the stars. Let's go, Taurus!

On the opposite side, single Taurus will end the week thinking what they should change about themselves. Look into the mirror: there's nothing there to change.

Don't change your character, but you should be a bit more trusting. Fortunately, betrayal is not the most common feeling amongst human beings.


Work may become harder next week, and you're worrying earlier than you should. Today's a Sunday, and your week is coming to an end, so you should enjoy it while you can.

Problems at work will definitely show up, you don't have superpowers to stop them.

But it actually is in your hands to stop them from hurting your emotions at all.

Before splashing the cash, think about how many hours of work you need to take to get a treat or service: a concert ticket, a pair of pants, a luxurious dinner...

Is each of these choices really worth your time? Or perhaps they aren't worth it at all? It's okay if you leave your money safe and sound in your wallet.


While doing some reflection, you're trying to find new heights in personal happiness, although you don't know what your next move may be.

Ask around, open your eyes and arms to volunteering projects, and perhaps you can give part of your time to people in need, as an NGO volunteer or just spending time with lonely elders.

The most positive thing for you this weekend is that your physical health is improving, so it's time to say goodbye to that medication that helped you through thick and thin.