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Taurus Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Sunday 22nd July

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There's hard times coming this Sunday, because you'll relive certain moments that hurt your heart badly in the past.

The story won't repeat itself; the pain will just come out again because of certain details and witnesses that will remind you of what happened.

This won't be an improvement for your relationships, because you'll choose to get away from the world and meditate surrounded by nothing but deep, dark loneliness.

Just so you're not your own enemies, you should keep your imagination at bay, to avoid seeing more of yesterday's ghosts than you should.


Although your heart and emotions won't be at their best, at least you can find comfort in your stable finances.

The stars point out that there's stability, and even if you're doubtful, at least things won't go worse today, although your numbers won't get any better.

Try not to talk about how much money you do or don't have in front of people whom you don't know, because you could make them jealous.

It's just to be cautious, because there's someone who enjoys hurting others; try not to be on their target area.


A chronic illness is coming back this Sunday, and you'll feel sorry about not taking better care to avoid it from happening.

It won't be serious, so you can be at ease, but it will be a little annoying, Taureans.

What's more, the Magic Horoscope points out that you may have to put off certain plans you had today because of that life-altering illness.

Keep your head cool; the planets have come together to make your Sunday a bit of a hard day.

Be strong, because if you're brave enough you will be able to deal with anything that comes along, no matter how complex the situation looks. Don't throw in the towel, hold on as much as you can, and then, go a little further.