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Toxic and attention-seeking individuals will disturb your peace of mind this Sunday, Taureans, so start getting ready.

Don't let them influence you, and don't change your dating or family plans to answer their call, who aren't feeling as bad as they try to show.

A love-related issue is looming over your mind and you don't know what to do, so you should find a place to go alone to think about it, and summon your ruling planet, Venus, to enlighten you.

Your heart's current situation deserves an in-depth analysis, and only you have the key to reach the core of this matter.


Taureans, are you currently unemployed and out of ideas to find a job that allows you to pay off your debt?

The Magic Horoscope predicts a reunion with a former workmate who will tell you about a vacancy you used to take.

This will fill you with doubt, because you don't know whether you'd like to come back to a company where air was constantly blowing hot and cold at the same time.

Still, if you want to be honest with yourself, it's best to go back to a bad business than to do nothing, and at least you'd be getting some steady income.


How many medical appointments do you have throughout the upcoming week? Do you need specific instructions before you go to the hospital, such as fasting or bringing a urine sample?

Bring out your healthcare papers and organise them so that you don't skip any essential appointments you've already scheduled, so that you can calm down and see you're not as ill as you think.

You've been a bit of a hypochondriac lately after hearing about some nearby cases, because you've found symptoms in yourself that you actually don't have.

Contact with nature in green areas could be the cherry on top to finish off your week with air-filled lungs.