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Taurus Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 24th June

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Choosing the right time to discuss sad or complicated issues with your partner isn't simple, but you need to overcome your fears.

What do you have to say? You need to take a break? Do you suspect they're cheating? Never mind, the important thing is to act soon.

You know that it's worth more going through trouble once than being worried many. The sooner you overcome this obstacle, the sooner you'll start living better times, whether you're together or apart.

In this sense, it's also important to stop lying to yourselves and call things by their right name, Taureans.

Leave understatements for other areas; love requires calling feelings by their absolute, righteous name.


You've been spending a bit more money than you wanted, and although your savings aren't exactly running dry -not even for end-of-the-month standards-, maybe you should slow down a little.

Did you have tickets for an upcoming show which cost quite a lot of money? Maybe you should think about selling them.

Careful, we're not talking about reselling here; this is about selling them at the price they actually cost to someone who's interested, so that the money comes back into your wallet.

Aside from that, there's no good transactions coming for native Taureans.


Listen to your body more, because it demands better care, Taureans. Looking out for our own wellness is all we can do to ensure our future is top-quality.

You'll get in touch with old friends who are embracing new healthy (and sort of mystical) habits. They'll tell you about their experiences and almost hypnotise you.

Even if it's hard, don't be seduced by pseudo-scientific babble, because with just a bit of research you'll see they state benefits that aren't really put into practice.

In fact, some of the advice you may get could be harmful to your health, so don't play around.

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