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Taurus Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Sunday 25th March

Full Prediction for Today, Sunday
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Your feelings and sense of humour are unpredictable.

You're both crying or laughing, you're putting your partner on top of the world or sending them straight into their past.

You usually brag about your invincibility, and it's almost time for you to let life crumble down a bit, just to rebuild it more strongly the way you want.

If you're single, this Sunday you'll get the call from someone who took your heart in the past, and you wouldn't mind it if they did that again.

It's been a while since you last met, and this reunion will make you understand many things you didn't set straight back in the day.


The cleaner the numbers, the better, especially if there's various people involved in the same project.

Do you have shared accounts with relatives or your partner? A business where there's various co-owners with shared benefits?

There's a money leak on your back and you need to tap it off.

Taureans on the service industry, especially in hospitality services, will find an interesting chance to grow professionally.

Bring out your best assets in negotiations.


You'll have a shock to the system with your health. Urine in a strange colour, faeces with something that looks like blood, a strong body odour.

Don't think twice and visit your doctor to find out what it is. But stay calm, because it isn't serious, or anything that will come up more than once.

Fortunately your mood is over the roof and this will help you. If this had happened on a day where your mood had hit rock bottom, you would have been much more concerned about it.

And remember, the upcoming week needs to start with you as a world-eating beast.