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Magic Horoscope Brings You Your Taurus Future from the Stars for this Coming Sunday

Horoscope Forecast for Today, Sunday 20th May
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today you'll surprise yourself with your very own skills, because you'll see how quickly you can manage crisis points in your relationships.

You have the gift of foreseeing solutions for emotional conflicts which you experience both inside and with those around you, including your partner if you have one.

In fact, if you're single you'll notice love is closer than you initially thought, almost just around the corner. Something hinted by intuition, but which you preferred to deny.

You'll get some happy news from your friends which will enlighten your Sunday, and probably you'll organise something to celebrate the good news.


Your goodwill will bring you into mediating in a business project between two friends of yours, whom you'll introduce to one another so that they can work together.

This is very noble, but also a double-edged sword if you'll be asked to explain their actions later.

Just as you worry about the person next to you, you should do the same about your businesses, and open your own pathways.

Don't forget your pending financial issues for this week. If you need it, carry a planner on you at all times so that you can check them.


Certain back and neck pains you experience from time to time, with varying degrees of pain depending on the day, are very related to how you walk, and especially, to your shoes.

There's shoes that make your feet look pretty and elegant, Taureans, but they aren't the most comfortable, and they make you load up on weight without balance.

Try to end your week with feet as comfortable as possible, even if you aren't wearing the prettiest shoes in the rack.

Also, the stars recommend you not to eat out of commitment, but when you're actually hungry.

Being strict with the needs of your body is something hard to handle, but not impossible.