Taurus Astral Horoscope for Thursday 12th April by Magic Horoscope

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Your phone will bring some trouble into your relationship, Taureans. And it's not about jealousy, who puts the phone on the table or who hides away the calls and texts they receive.

The phone is a great barrier between you, because you're always looking at it to see what's going on with your friends' lives or check cat videos on YouTube, and you don't even bother to talk to the person in front of you.

Don't send so much love through the Net filling everything up with hearts and cute pictures; do it when you wake up, go to bed, and everywhere you should do it in between.


Today you'll be offered to join a new bank service, Taureans. Something that offers many advantages at a first glance; especially, interesting discounts in some shops.

Do you really need a 10% discount on shops where you never go if you have to pay for a credit card to do that? You know you don't!

Don't bite the bait, no matter how sweet the prize seems, because you know that nothing's for free in life, let alone money.


Watch your mouth health today, Taureans. Especially if you've got cavities, because today you might feel the pain

You usually forget about your mouth. You can be very thorough with other areas, such as shaving, which you say you do out of hygiene; but then, you don't brush your teeth as often as you should, and you don't visit your dentist.

If you're missing a tooth, don't put off fixing your mouth, because that may make the rest of your teeth misplace each other.

You should be just as flirty for your teeth as you are for other things. Because a beautiful smile has a lot of power, more than you think.