Full Taurus Magic Horoscope Prediction for Thursday April 19th

Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Thursday
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The fact that you and your partner have a strong personality isn't bad at all; in fact, it's very interesting.

Because of your personality you'll have lots of chatting to do today about your future and interests, which don't always follow the same path.

You differ in your intentions about family, your opinions are divided and they won't ever cross paths, so you should find some common ground.

There can be conflict about something related to children, whether it is because you have them already or how you want to plan having them (if there isn't one on the way already, which you may not know).

Be very sweet and gentle, because it'll be hard, but you'll find some common ground on where you stand in life.


Your own intuition will get you in trouble at work. You'll act from knowledge and experience without asking for help in a sticky situation that won't end well.

The first you'll do is regret, but you need to realise that what's done is done, there's no way back and you can't change your decision.

Thus, regret will fade to make room for other sensations.

To soothe your nerves, you need to choose your cards wisely, think about your next move and who will be the first to know about it all.

From this you'll learn to control your actions and future; a very valuable lesson.


Taureans, your addiction to social networks and photographing everything (including yourself) will get you in trouble.

You live with an obsession to look good, and not looking picture perfect will make you feel very afraid and insecure.

Don't focus on people's comments, because today you'll have the skill of fixing what isn't broke; in the end even the most harmless thing will become negative. To control your nerves, some valerian will do wonders for you today.