Taurus Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 5th April

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How do you rank sex in your relationship checklist? This is something you should think about, because you feel things aren't flowing around too nicely in bed.

You constantly complain that something's wrong, and you discuss it with friends, but not the other half of the equation. What's stopping you?

Lack of time, stress, family duties and other circumstances stop you from finding the constant space you need to be alone. This Wednesday is good to plan a romantic, intimate evening.

If you let time go by you'll make the problem bigger. You know that communication is the most important thing in a relationship, so start communicating, including about these topics, with no fear or barriers.


You won't even have to do anything, but today you'll get a call about a proposal. A collaborative project where your professionalism is required.

It's a young unambitious project that won't make you rich, but it'll allow you to get in touch with other business techniques and increase your contact network.

There's proposals you should get involved in not only thinking of your budget, but also thinking about what can we use as a key in the future.

Take advantage of fusions coming your way to take big steps forward, and don't be so out-of-control.


When you try to take care of yourself and live healthy, most times you do it the same way as a bear in a china shop.

If you've been thinking about paying the gym tuition and going often, make a list of what activities you'll be developing, towards which goal and how much it costs.

In the same way that you do the grocery list with the foods you need, write down what you want to train and for how long, including the breaks. It'll help you control what you're doing and somehow help to make it true.