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Halfway through the week marital feelings could slip into oblivion and fade into the background, deeply sunken in a whirlwind of varied situations.

The Magic Horoscope warns it will take you some effort to be more available, prove and magnify your emotions to avoid giving your partner a false sense of indifference, Taureans.

Regarding family, Uranus unfortunately predicts there won't be good relationships with others, and some relatives will be disappointed at some of your latest choices.

If you're single, go to your associates' or cultural meeting, because you'll meet people you'll instantly click with.


Stars, and especially Jupiter, will play a financially protective role to prevent you from getting into trouble when managing a previously approved budget.

You're on a day full of good mood, and this could be a money trap; in these happy times you could give in to costly treats you actually don't need.

Therefore, if you can, avoid going to places where the temptation to open your wallet is quite strong; that's the easiest solution to avoid excess expenses you'll come to regret.

Also, make sure you've got enough money to pay off some upcoming bills.


You're well aware that you need to measure your actions, and doing things this way is the key to a healthy, great life.

That's why you should avoid following a strict, tight diet this Thursday if you're going to kick off the weekend with a bountiful feast where you'll eat more calories than those which you held back from today.

You need to be more biologically aware about the human body's needs, and it wouldn't be too bad of an idea to embrace this current which improves life quality through the human voice, mindful visualisation, a mindful life and mindful eating.

Don't mistreat your body, because it still has a long way to go, and it isn't a car you can replace when it breaks down!