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Taurus Forecast for Thursday 28th June by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Thursday
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Secret relationships can be very exciting, especially if you're running the risk of getting caught.

Still, you also need to consider that having this type of fling gets people involved to cover your backs when they actually don't need to in the first place.

The selfish act of asking people to keep quiet about something could be dangerous, especially if you abuse their trust. Being too greedy could be risky, and with friends, there's even more serious risks than you could think of at first.

The Magic Horoscope predicts there's someone moving because of love; are you thinking of moving in together with your partner? Maybe it's time to take that step and use the energy from the stars.


Even if life hits you hard financially, you're not willing to get knocked out at all, and that's why you raise your fists to defend yourselves and maybe strike back.

Keep that strong attitude up no matter how hard things get, Taureans, because they'll get worse as this Wednesday goes by.

In other news, you'll receive a short-term job proposal from people with whom you've already worked, but you weren't too happy about the results.

To avoid mistakes, make clear what your functions will be, the time you have available to carry on with your assigned tasks, and don't think twice about asking the money you should really get. Don't stoop down.


A mischievous cold took your throat as hostage, and forcing it so much makes your voice suffer; this means big trouble for teachers, sales reps or anyone else working on something which implies talking a lot.

Learn to use your vocal cords properly so that this illness doesn't harm you, and as hard to believe as it sounds, it's best to talk normally instead of whispering.

Don't neglect your skin, especially if you'll be exposed to the sun; use sunscreen to avoid getting your dermis burnt.

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