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Taurus Magic Horoscope for 17th May

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Impatience is never good for your life, Taureans, and you can confirm that from experience.

So, even if you don't know how, don't speed too much to try and get an immediate reply in love.

Whenever you want you're independent and need your own time to think and act, but other times you're in such a rush that you expect everyone to respond as quickly as you think they should.

The Magic Horoscope recommends not only patience, but also wisdom. Ask others for what you think it'd be fair from them to ask you, especially your partner.

Find support in them, and don't investigate their past, because it's not necessary.


You can't neglect work, that's obvious, but you need to change your philosophy a little bit.

You need to rest more if you want to perform better; your job won't be done any quicker by devoting every waking hour to it.

Instead of doing so much unrequested overtime, which you've done more than once or twice, think about whether it's best to come home, rest and come back the next day at full power.

Regarding money itself, it would be good for you to make some sacrifice, spend a little less and reach your goals.


For this May 17th, stars in the Magic Horoscope predict that Taureans will experience some dizziness, unimportant yet uncomfortable.

Something which could especially be happening if you need to go by car or bus somewhere.

If you've planned to take a long journey in one of these transport methods, try not to eat too much beforehand, and avoid alcohol if you can.

A good tip to reduce that feeling is to look ahead at all times and keep your back straight.

Keeping your eyes on a single spot, for example, while reading a book, will do anything but help us.