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Taurus Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Thursday 24th May

Full Prediction for Today, Thursday
Taurus Daily Horoscope |



This Thursday, stars encourage you to be brave and talk to a friend or relative to share what you've been keeping in for a while, because you know they don't want to hear the truth.

It's very likely that there'll be some tension, but you'll feel relieved about not keeping it in anymore.

If you're dating or just started seeing someone, plan a movie date.

Remember the name of a movie you've been recommended by workmates or friends, and surprise the other person by getting tickets to it.

You'll experience a beautiful, intimate moment, which will remind you of those evenings back in the day eating popcorn while you felt butterflies in your belly.


The to-do list is becoming so long, that by the time the day's over, you get stuck somewhere in the middle.

To avoid this from happening, start finishing off tasks that you've only done halfway through at the beginning of the day. This will let you be more efficient and perhaps even get unexpected benefits.

Even if someone tempts you into investing money on stocks, stars in the Magic Horoscope would like to inform you that now isn't the best time.

That doesn't mean it'll go wrong, but there's a big payment around the corner and you should keep your savings still.


Home hygiene is essential for you, and unfortunately, because there isn't enough time, not everything glitters as brightly. And this can become an issue and a risk for your health.

Be careful when cooking and clean countertops and tools well, because today you could go through a food poisoning that turns your stomach into a roller coaster for the whole day.

Besides, if you like to eat fruit as a morning or afternoon snack, remember you should wash it very well before you peel it, to get rid of as many bacteria as possible.