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Taurus Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Thursday 31st May

Magic Horoscope for Today, Thursday
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Sometimes you feel like your partner breaks not only your heart, but also your illusions and you as individuals.

They let you fall into the abyss in a cloud of silence that can't fade away and doesn't let you listen to others' voices.

Does this happen often, Taureans? Because it may be time to end this situation. Perhaps not with a full-on break-up, but with a serious chat through which to express your feelings.

Don't keep away your thoughts, don't keep them in. Open up, scream if you need to, and leave this pit of bitterness where you fell.

Remember that life isn't over without your other half; remember there's many puzzle pieces awaiting fitting, and they may fit even better than the one you've got now.


Unfortunately, Taureans, the stars predict that your economy will also be hard to handle on this last day of May.

A group of workmates will try to get you into a fight; since you won't be paying them much attention, they will try to hurt you and even humiliate you.

Don't fall down, stay strong and send them to a metaphorical deserted island. Let it in through one ear and out through the other.

If you can, record as many instances of this as you can with your phone, so that there's proof of the mistreatment you've been receiving.


Don't let the toughness of this Thursday get to your self-care.

No matter how much you swear your stomach is all locked up, you need to eat healthily. If you don't want to have a proper lunch or dinner, at least have a piece of fruit or some raw vegetables -such as carrots or celery- every few hours.

Aventurine, also called green aventurine, can be your charm to bring back your energy.

It's one of the stones assigned to your sign, to raise the mood and balance the bodies and minds of native Taureans.