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According to the Magic Horoscope's predictions, your current love life will be more than fun.

Current events will give you a chance to break your routine and be imaginative and chatty, because your metaphorical mop will sweep away all traces of boredom around your life and your partner's.

Still, you need to find time for yourselves, and to analyse your current emotional issues, and think how to solve them peacefully.

You know there's days when you don't love yourselves, and you'll have a hard time loving anyone that way. If your own heart doesn't give you love and you can feel that, it means there's lots of work to be done.


The end of the month is coming, and your finances can feel the strain, right? That's the stars' prediction, and at the same time, they recommend you to get all your accounts in balance.

Jupiter will soon enter your sign's orbit. It's the planet of luck and money, and it'll enter into a position that's great for you.

When this happens, you'll know, and it'll be the time to plan an easier time for you financially.

You could be more productive if you forgot all about your distractions when trying to focus on work.

And while you're at it, careful with big spending sprees, because it looks like all they do is make everyone's lives harder.


The stars predict that you need to trust your personal qualities more this Tuesday.

If you do, you'll manage to improve your mental health, and it will influence the rest of your body.

Try lighting up a red candle to relax and find your rightful place. Its flame will release a cheerful, calming atmosphere, which will help you clear your mind.

On the other hand, you should worry about the health of one of your relatives. They haven't said anything, but they're going through some very tough times right now.