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Taurus Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Tuesday 3rd July

Full Prediction for Today, Tuesday
Taurus Daily Horoscope |



According to the Magic Horoscope's writings, you'll be the most passionate ones this Tuesday.

This crazy love will turn your life upside down and leave you with unforgettable memories and marks, even if they're both quick and intense.

Careful! This passion doesn't necessarily involve your partner; it could be aimed at someone who's recently come into your life.

If you're married, it'll be hard to avoid a minor relationship crisis because of this almost platonic love.

Amidst the conflict you might want to take a step back and find the answers to essential questions. Think it through to see if light falls down upon your life.


The stars point out that your financial life isn't affected by any pesky planets, so your month should start off with no trouble on the horizon.

Some Taureans, those who are more organised and sensible, could even find ways to save some extra money along the way.

Even with the apparent cosmic neutrality currently reigning this area, perhaps Venus, your ruling planet, will be generous with you and bring you some extra money.

Because of your extraordinary adaptation skills, this Tuesday you'll be able to strengthen your position, although it'll take much effort.

You'll be struggling because it's a jump into the void, so don't lose your self-confidence now.


At a first glance, you shouldn't worry about health this Tuesday, according to the Magic Horoscope's predictions.

In fact, you'll enjoy an impeccable star protection you'll know how to enjoy, and will avoid exercising or dieting more extremely than usual.

Those Taureans who have undergone an appendicitis operation should be careful with their recovery, because they could go through some pain after making sudden moves.

Try to keep your mind busy today to avoid thinking about the issues that leave you sleepless sometimes.