Taurus Daily Horoscope
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Love is part of your life, but there's something missing before you're complete.

Your sexuality is kind of faded and stuck, and you don't feel erotic attraction not just to your partner, but also to no one else.

Don't forget you shouldn't force it and make yourselves do what you don't want to.

Talking about this is uncomfortable to you, and it makes you feel so bored, but you should do something about it.

Especially because your loved one may feel unattractive, and that's something hard to overcome.

Be brave, communicate, and find a solution with your partner or an expert.


There are rumours around you of a medium or long-term trip that's quite interesting.

So start thinking about how you'll save enough money for the day you start booking tickets and hotels.

Also, think how interested you actually are in grouping up, or whether you're better off alone.

Maybe you'll have to spend more if you're on your own, but your life will improve because you won't have to explain your actions to anyone.

Check your savings to see if you've already got the money someone owed you, or whether you need to make another claim.


How well-rested are your legs? According to the Magic Horoscope you'll have to walk quite a lot today, with stairs definitely involved.

If you need to make great efforts, remember to breathe well, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

And don't smoke or do anything of the sort while you're working, because it could be the final blow to your wellness.

Be very mindful of hygiene at home, because you'll experience some bug issues, whether it is because you left your windows open too long, or because an item from the pantry has grown old and has brought in dozens of bugs.