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Taurus Magic Horoscope for 26th June

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One of your partner's past suitors will show up out of the blue, and their presence will be noticeable in your life.

Your partner still wants to be friends, and you can't help disliking it, although you'd rather stay quiet about it to avoid being accused of jealousy or insecurity.

Open your eyes and you'll see there's no dark intentions around, so bury the hatchet.

In fact, you should be grateful for sharing your life with someone so generous, they have no resentment deep inside; they just want love to be the key component of the lives of everyone who comes around.

Someone in your family, though, needs some attention, so try giving it.


You need to analyse your expenses and cut back on anything you shouldn't be purchasing, especially those unused services.

Are you paying the gym membership, and it's actually been more than a month since you last dropped by for some weightlifting or cardio? Are you subscribed to paid TV which you aren't watching because you haven't got time?

Find a gap and start cancelling those subscriptions. The day you need extra service, you can just sign up again.

At work, be careful with jealous mates -especially Virgoans or Cancers- who will try to block your path to make everything go wrong. Try to stay alert.


Are you at a time when stress, nervousness or anxiety make you bite your nails more than you'd want to?

It's time to stop, Taureans, for your health's sake, because this childish habit can turn out to be dangerous, and not just for your teeth or gums.

Did you know that periungual warts, those that come up around and under the nails, are caused by human papillomavirus, and are very common among people with this habit? Besides, biting your nails also makes it easier for those warts to spread around your mouth.