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Full Taurus Magic Horoscope for Tuesday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 5th June
Taurus Daily Horoscope |



It's hard for you to admit that you can't always get what you want, and you get too obsessed about that.

Taureans' moods will turn upside down this Tuesday, and only you have the power to stop a bad day from darkening your relationship through mean answers or behaviours that border on rude.

You know that love needs daily care, it's like a puppy who needs care if you don't want it to get ill or hungry.

The best food for your own soul and your partner's is love, gestures, small things that make any day magic and special, no matter how grey it is.


You've been raised to believe saving is essential, but sometimes you lose control of how much you've saved for a trip or an emergency, and even where it is.

Have you checked whether the little money you have in the bank is proportional to the money you're siding away?

If you've been giving out CVs, whether because you need to change jobs, an extra position, or just because you're out of work, find out if it reached the right people.

Show your desire to grow professionally, prove that it wasn't just another cover letter, that you're interested in the project to which you've sent in your application.


You like being everywhere, whether it's a family event, hanging out with friends, concerts or theatre functions, and you need to find time.

The stars in the Magic Horoscope recommend you to stay calm, because you get stressed in an attempt to get away from your busy life, and that's pretty incoherent.

Besides, watch the dates you propose to go eat at tasting fairs or similar events, because you end up complaining that the scale shows more weight than you want.

Plan what you want to do a little better, and learn to choose, because you can't do everything.