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Taurus Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Tuesday 13th March by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Tuesday
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As time goes by, you cross off each day one by one in the calendar, and that's the only way you realise how your life goes by almost unnoticingly.

Although you daydream and cling to the memory of your past experiences, and you even come to imagine how well you'll do in the future, you need to remember that happiness only lives in the present.

If you were asked if you're happy with your partner, you would say yes straight away, but behind that beautiful façade there's other darker layers which have strongly rooted within you.

Try to live reality more clearly and objectively, and see how your other half is really feeling. Perhaps it's time to stop being selfish and try to make your loved one happy.


When you go out and work, in the same way you don't forget your keys or wallet, don't leave passion behind.

It doesn't matter what your position or function is, or how long you've been in the company. You're going up and down too much, and that will block your own path in the end.

Even if it's a lie, at least on the outside you should pretend you like your job, because a constant lie can become truth.

But don't forget your authenticity either. Don't tie yourself down because it'll be harder to loosen the knots later on.

If you're looking for a job, be careful with your cover letter; and if you can, find recommendations for a new position.


You feel kind of isolated. Your small issues are similar to anyone else's, and you don't understand why you react more dramatically than some of your acquaintances.

Remember that each person takes things differently in the same situation, because our mood depends on the environment, our beliefs, our situation, the labels we've got on, and even what people say about us.

Even if you think everything's fine and dandy, you're easy to manipulate and you're constantly looking for approval. You should learn to need only your own approval. The rest will come by itself.