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Taurus Forecast for Tuesday 20th March by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Tuesday
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Revenge is usually best served cold. But you shouldn't follow popular sayings too closely, Taureans.

An old fling hurt you and brought your self-confidence off the cliff, and now they're back.

Your first idea is to seduce them to do the same thing, especially because now you're living the dream and they're going through a living nightmare.

But the stars advise you shouldn't. The pleasures of evil are short-lived, and your conscience may keep you awake at night.

If you want them to feel rejected, just don't pay them any attention. Show them you've moved on, that you live the here and now, and have forgotten all traces of a hurtful past.


A small amount of money you saved up somewhere you didn't remember will show up, and it will be a blessing from heaven.

Don't be wrong, if that money is there it's because you kept it away for a long time.

Don't waste it away, because there might be a big payment coming in.

Someone from your work team will be swamped with duties, and they'll pretend they can do it all. Show them everything will be better if they accept their own limits and they will get better results.


You believe that resting well is the best weapon to fight back pain

And that's true at a first stage, but if you want to fight back your pains you need to stimulate your blood flow.

To do that you need to get up and walk half an hour for every three hours of sitting, so that you don't become stiff and resort to anti-inflammatory medications, which should always come from your doctor, of course.

Also, resting on the couch or your bed may be more harmful than beneficial.

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