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Laughter can bring anger into your relationship today, even if it may seem contradicting.

Jealousy will overtake you, because your partner will be open and willing to experience humour and laugh it off with a new workmate.

Be cautious and don't see any ghosts where there's nothing strange going on.

A tense attitude on your part could bring anger around, and in the end the snowball would just grow bigger.

A childhood friend will invite you to their birthday party, and this turns your plans upside down, especially because all you want to do now is rest.

Don't be shy and talk it over, explain what's going on and don't make up an excuse to avoid showing up. There won't be any problem at all.


If you need to go to a mall, set yourself the goal of not jumping straight into each and every store.

Organize your shopping by categories and divide your expenses according to your monthly budget.

The areas with the largest expense can be the best goals chosen if you want to save up.

And of course, you should plan and make sure that your budget is lower than the income you predict.


Your goals aren't usually clear, Taureans. You usually say "I want that more or less", but you never set a clear goal of where you want to get.

This is making you feel powerless, because you don't know what path to take, and frustration is eating you alive.

Start your day setting a goal related to behaviour and work it out to get it done with your maximum effort put into it.

Build habits instead of thinking you need to find what everyone else calls willpower.

And remember that the best activity you can take up is the one you see yourself doing regularly, the one you really enjoy.

And don't despair if you can't make your goals at some point with whatever you choose to do.