Full Taurus Magic Horoscope for Tuesday, 1 May

Full Forecast for Today, Tuesday
Taurus Daily Horoscope | MagicHoroscope.com



You have family commitments to tend to, and even if you say you're busy, you should admit you don't feel like coming along.

Why don't you start the month on a sensible note and act as the adult you are?

If you've promised your partner or children you'd do something, do it and stop making excuses.

Your word of honor could be at stake for a long time, so don't play any games.

In the friendliest environment, today you'll finally reunite with someone you hadn't met up for many years.

Fortunately, you won't feel like time has gone by, because you'll still have the same emotional connection that brought you together in the first place. True friendships can last a lifetime.


You used to check out job offers on the Internet for a while, because you were always on the lookout for a better job which could improve your current situation.

However, you've been letting go lately. How about checking websites and updating your data today?

From job networking sites to career sites, you've got many choices to see how the job market is going.

Also, if you give it enough time, you'll end up finding a couple positions where you would fit perfectly.

Stars will send you their energy so that one of those jobs is yours.


Today you'll feel your body kind of heavy, Taureans, especially on your arms.

According to the Magic Horoscope, you may suffer from fluid retention issues, something very usual among the general public. It is usually the result of an unhealthy diet, inactivity or even sleeping face-down.

To solve this, aside from walking around with comfy clothing, you should drink draining teas, like horsetail.

Besides, they'll allow you to go to the toilet more than usual, because your bowel movements aren't so good anyway.