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Taurus Astral Horoscope for Tuesday 22nd May by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Tuesday
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Your temper's guiding you towards new emotional reigns which you didn't even feel there.

You'll feel especially attracted to someone who intimidates you because of their bossy behaviour, but fascinates you all the same.

Don't back out from what you want to live and experience, stop being afraid.

You're willing to lead a more intense life, you're done with living on the bleachers, as if you couldn't feel anything.

You don't want to spend your life in a constant coma, alive but without having to do anything about it.

It's your time to shine, put your foot down and announce your arrival.


Making your own money is too hard to give it to just anyone. Remember this when you bump into someone who's really good-looking but may have darker intentions.

Before making an investment or even a donation, check the references for the person to whom you're giving your money. It's most likely that they're trying to trick you today.

Don't be defeated by their reasons to convince you to splash the cash or put pen to paper, such as being too scared, or even willingly ignorant to those in need.

It's hard not to be influenced by those who have great people skills, but you can remain strong. Look out for yourself.


Physical and mental health are one fused entity, so you should finish work as soon as possible, with no overtime, and find some room for leisure.

What's your favourite pastime? Sports, reading historical novels, or perhaps videogames?

Whatever it is, it's important to spend a while making your mind blank and letting go with your hobby. You need to give yourself that time, to be ready for battle the next day.

A change of space wouldn't be too bad of an idea either for your body to feel okay, even if thinking about it makes you tired already.