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Can you feel your beauty rising up to new heights? Today you'll be the center of everyone's attention even if you don't want to.

Look into the mirror and give yourselves a couple of compliments, because that'll do wonders for your self-esteem.

The stars even predict that you'll be flirting around with someone who does the same job as you, but with whom you've never worked.

If you're dating, it's up to you to choose how to respond to this. But if you're single, let yourselves go and take part in these little games where you can reach the finish line without a lot of effort.


Good news for your bank account, Taureans! You'll receive an alert about some money you had to get back from a company or organisation.

This will allow you to continue on a week that started on a calm note, but it shouldn't give you room to go crazy.

You need to think that it isn't extra money; it's money which belonged to you but you didn't have. You had to work for it (or save it up) and now it comes back, but not from heaven.

Taureans attending the public, or dealing with people every day for whatever circumstance, should know that they'll experience some conflict which they'll need to handle very wisely (and politely).


The hands of your inner clock will go a little off the rails.

This Tuesday will be one of those days when it seems that the clock in your phone moves at a different speed than the one in your heart, and in your head as well.

Perhaps you should do some relaxation exercises to allow the brain get back to where it should, and to have time run like it needs, at a fair pace.

Carry along with you that charm that gives you strength: a picture of a relative, your favourite ring...