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Read Your Taurus Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Tuesday 8th May

Find out Your Forecast for Today, Tuesday
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Someone has approached your life in a subtle, elegant way, and today you'll consider how attracted you are to them.

Stars recommend you to be careful, Taureans, because their intentions aren't pure. They're hiding something really dark inside.

You won't want to think the wrong way because you don't like judging people too early, you'd rather know the facts from your own experience (and that's something admirable).

Still, if you let go with curiosity, you'll end up damaging your feelings and perhaps even your finances.

The Magic Horoscope wants you to know this. Now it's your turn to act sensibly.


You've been thinking of getting more training with new courses and skills to improve your CV.

What better day than this Tuesday to drown yourself with information? You'll find very interesting proposals.

You need to think where you want to go. Do you wish to start over, or do better and more efficiently at your current field of expertise?

The latter option is what the stars recommend you to explore. If you get new skills you'll earn extra time to pursue new goals. Or perhaps to get a break. That's not too bad either, right?


Your bad memory will bring you minor trouble today, but it will still be distressing. Probably you'll forget your house keys, your car keys or maybe the keys from work, if you have that responsibility.

Don't worry, your brain is perfectly fine. You're just going through a sense of weariness that stops you from focusing, and this ends up bringing situations like the ones we've mentioned.

Your mood is essential for physical and mental wellness, and if you're going through a very stressful or sad time, it's normal that memory falters.

That's why it wouldn't be too bad of an idea if you started to write down your pending tasks, to avoid forgetting any of them.