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Your partner has been bearing the brunt of your emotional ups-and-downs, and they've kept silent because they understand you're in a difficult situation, with all these appointments at family and work.

You've sent all negativity against your partner, and you know that you've even been talking and acting mean to them.

This Wednesday you should surprise them with something nice. Go shopping for that item they've seen on TV, and which they constantly say they want to buy, but they never have the time.

But you can't buy love. Don't think you can cover up your mess with money; the thought will be what counts.


Speaking of buying and selling, wouldn't it be possible for every day to have an extra couple hours, even if you have to pay for them?

You know this is completely impossible, even if you were born again.

What happens is that you're overwhelmed with work, tasks are piling up and getting mixed, and you never know where to start or what's most important.

In order to have a calmer day, you should group up your tasks, put them in order of priority and how long you'll be working on each. If you do this, your day will go by as smoothly as possible.


It's normal to be stressed and sometimes even bordering on anxiety (but be careful and don't get rid of it through food or bad habits like smoking).

You should force yourself every day, no matter how anxious you feel, to experience some sort of pleasure, something that you feel happy about and which will at least make you think everything was worth it.

Pay attention to your attitudes and strengths, and say them out loud so that you can hear yourself and believe it.

While you're at it, have some more commitment and do any of the activities you always say you'll do and which you never actually carry out, like reading the novel you got for your birthday which made you so excited.